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Red Obsession - wijn filmAfgelopen week is de trailer van de Wijnfilm Red Obsession live gegaan. Red Obsession, geschreven en geregisseerd door Warwick Ross en David Roach van Lion Rock Films, en ingesproken door Russell Crowe, verkent de markt voor goede wijn in China, in het bijzonder de Chinese obsessie met top Bordeaux wijnen. Het is een film over macht, passie, en goede wijnen.

Red Obsession – Plot

“For centuries Bordeaux has commanded an almost mythical status in the world of wine as a symbol of wealth, power and influence. While its great estates have beguiled kings, emperors and dictators alike, its prosperity has always been tied to the shifting fortunes of global economies – as great nations rise and fall, so does the fate of Bordeaux.

Now, something unprecedented is happening – and that something is China. Traditional customers like the United States and the United Kingdom are bowing out as the Dragon economy’s new wealthy are pushing prices to stratospheric levels. This massive emerging market is seductive and voracious but also unpredictable. For better or worse, Bordeaux is hitching itself to this new, infinitely wealthy client. “Red Obsession” sets out to explore this phenomenon and the link between China and Bordeaux.” (bron: IMDB)

Trailer Red Obsession

Red Obsession from Lion Rock Films on Vimeo.


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